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Interactive Tutorial Wells Fargo Executive SOCIAL MEDIA Portal

The Mythic agency contacted Dark Horse Labs to build a clean, robust landing page for Wells Fargo employees undergoing Social Executive Training. Easy-to-use navigation with stylized interactive elements allowed employees to easily click through key areas that highlight various points of interest in the presentation.

Dark Horse Labs integrated site-hiding functionality so only employees and those given the link were able to access the page. Utilizing clean user interface designs, we created a platform that was easy to understand, easy to navigate, and secure; the aspects necessary to the Wells Fargo team

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1.2 million people in North Carolina rely on public power. As the leader in public power, ElectriCities is dedicated to strengthening each community while delivering safe and reliable power.

Dark Horse Labs role was to create a Prezi-style website that enables users to "fly over" North Carolina navigation while still including a large amount of content.

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TIBA Parking Systems

TIBA is a global market leader, catering to customers from such diverse industries as airports, universities, shopping centers, municipalities, medical centers, high-security facilities and more.

Dark Horse Labs was tasked with creating a responsive and mobile optimized website to reach TIBA's clients on any device.

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